BCS College was first established as Bedok Commercial School (BCS) in 1986 as a private commercial school

The college is an approved training provider for the following local and international examining bodies and institutions to conduct their courses and examinations:

London Chambers of Commerce and Industry Examining Board (LCCIEB)

Due to the ever increasing demand for our services, we have expanded our main campus in 2003. In addition, we are now offering more professional, academic and work skills training courses. Our computer lab is also constantly upgraded to keep up with the rapidly-changing IT world. Furthermore, as part of our expansion efforts, we are collaborating with various businesses and non-profit organizations to afford better service to the community at large.

Since then, BCS College has embarked on an initiative to expand in the international sphere. We are now working in partnership with a number of reputable schools overseas to provide a wide range of courses including consulting, management and international student placement services.

BCS College recognizes that the strength of any respectable educational institution lies in the calibre of its teaching and support staff. As such, we choose only the professionals with the right credentials and character. Besides being experienced in and dedicated to their work, the people at BCS College are also friendly and approachable, as well as patient and positive in attitude.

Over the last 25 years, we are indeed proud to maintain our position as an established school in the field of private education. We are constantly challenging ourselves to be even better, not only in terms of size and facilities, but more so in the quality of our services. At BCS College, this is our guarantee to you.

We invite you to take up the BCS College challenge by joining us today and becoming part of our success story. We aim to be an institution which provides excellent and affordable education, an institution where your dreams and hopes, your ambitions and aspirations come true. To us, everyone matters and deserves the opportunity to realize their true potential.

We wish you success in life.

Validity date: 30 September 2019