Welcome to BCS International College

Welcome to BCS International College


BCS International College is a recognized private institute that offers its students an alternate pathway to be successful in their education and careers. Established in 1986, we are an approved training provider for the following local and international examining bodies and institution to conduct their various courses and examination:

• Institution of Technical Education (ITE)
• London Chambers of Commerce and Industry Examining Board (LCCIEB)
• International Professional Managers Association (IPMA)
• Edexcel Business and Technology Education Council (UK) (BTEC)

By providing affordable quality training, we strive to equip learners to be highly competitive empowered and assertive individuals. Should you be looking for an established private institution that promises quality education and determination to see you excel in life, BCS International College is the school for you.

BCS International College 是一所公认的私立学院,专门为学生提供一条替代途径,以让他们的教育与事业有所成就。成立于1986年,我们获得批准用以下列本地及国际研究机构和培训机构所提供的各类课程与考试:

– 技术教育学会(ITE)
– 伦敦商会与工商考试委员会(LCCIEB)
– 国际职业经理人协会(IPMA)
– 英国爱德思商务和技术教育委员会 (BTEC)
通过提供价格合理的高质量培训,我们致力于培养学习者为有高度竞争力和充满自信的人。如果您正在索寻一所提供优质教育的私人学院以及在生活中脱颖而出的那份决心,加入BCS International College 国际学院是你踏出第一步的最佳选择。


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